Month: May 2023

St James’ Church Allotment

This afternoon Brethren from across the Lodges of the Province came together at St James’ Church, Stonehaven to clear away an overgrown piece of ground in preparation for it becoming an allotment. This allotment will be cultivated with soft fruits and vegetables, as well as being a place for quiet contemplation.

The allotment will be managed on a daily basis by Stonehaven’s own ‘Inspire Group’, a community group of young, vulnerable adults from Stonehaven and the surrounding area. We are delighted to have been asked to help and assist with this wonderful Project, and we wish the enthusiastic members of the Inspire Group every future success with their allotment.

Trip to Rosslyn Chapel

A day trip to Rosslyn Chapel was taken on 13th May 2023, for many of our members this was a first time experience whilst others had visited before. The Masonic tour led by Bro. Ian Robertson was very interesting. Thanks to Bro. Rob Collins for organising the event.

A group photo of our visit.